A two-sided platform for people who prefer to exercise in their homes and instructors. The architecture will be more complex when the franchise plays a role in the process.



Technology Stack

React native, Symfony, React, Node.js, Express, AWS, Docker, PostgreSQL,

Business Brief

Nowadays, the number of people who lack enough time to participate in regular exercising sessions in gyms is increasing and we are sensing a rise in the number of people with the interest of having exercising sessions being held at home. However, finding trainers who are adequate from different points of view, is not an easy thing to do. The trainer is a start-up company with a comprehensive solution to this problem.

Project Type

Fixed Price

Project Type

Fixed Price

Our Solution

Addressing the nearest instructor

Informing you about the nearest fitness instructors, using Geolocation services.

Rating system to bring competition

Being equipped with a rating system to provide the client with a comparative metric.

Built-in messenger

An embedded messenger system, which avoids annoying distributed communication through different external messengers.

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