A highly reliable cloud-based solution to the old problem of managing and presenting various certificates and licenses to different organizations, with a focus on the medical industry.



Technology Stack

AWS, PostgreSQL, Angular, Node.js, express

Business Brief

One of the most challenging problems which exist in the health industry is answering the question if medical officers are qualified to provide medical services or not. There are tons of documents, files, and certifications that need to be shared and are kept track of. This verification process is likely to get more complicated when medical officers decide to change their hospital or institute. Eddy was going to solve this challenge by an online platform that automates this process.

Project Type

T & M


UI/UX, Web Development, Product design

Our Solution

Fraud Detection

This platform is able to detect and prevent vicious activities, due to the fact that it utilizes a unique anti-fraud system to validate the uploaded certificates.

Data Visualization

This software solution is equipped with special dashboards for both medical officers and organizations.


This platform is capable of generating comprehensive reports, using different filters, based on the predefined forms and templates. The user would choose the template and receive the generated report in his preferred format.

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