An enterprise project management software that is customized for the client’s needs. A proper system architecture alongside the desired execution.


Financial services

Technology Stack

Python, Django, Docker, PostgreSQL

Business Brief

It was quite a long time that Stripe, which is one of the leading companies in the field of finance and technology, had trouble in both highly skilled experts’ identification and development knowledge evaluation processes. So they needed an inclusive solution to this old problem.

Project Type

Fixed Price


Web Development, Product Design, DevOps

Our Solution

Crowdbotics scaffolds

Using pre-made scaffolds, provided by Crowbotics is an awesome tool to simplify the development process, by using a pre-made code structure. which made us capable of delivering the project in a very short time.

Fast and accurate Evaluation process

Taking advantage of Travis APIs for developer evaluation purposes and Absolute compatibility with GitHub repositories to determine developers' TDD knowledge.

Customized admin dashboard

Administrative dashboards to manage the existing developer evaluation contests and Developer dashboards for participation purposes.

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