Bolt Mover

An AI-powered solution to facilitate the internal processes of the transportation industry to increase both reliability and efficiency.



Technology Stack

Angular, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Express

Business Brief

Bolt Mover is a company working in the field of house and furniture moving, with a need to expedite its internal processes and interactions using high-end technologies and techniques. One of the most time-consuming parts of their business is providing both time and cost estimation regarding the task of moving.

Project Type

Time and Material


UI/UX, Web Development, Product design

Our Solution

AI-Powered recommender

This platform uses an AI-based recommendation system to estimate the price, based on various parameters such as floor number and location of the starting point, destination and etc.

Geo-Location functionality

We embedded Geo-Location technologies to this platform to simplify the determination of the starting point and destination location to provide the user with a better experience of use.

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